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  • Beautifully designed box set with slip case, individual jackets for the CDs plus a 24-page booklet with exclusive tour photographs by Tony Levin

    "Before embarking on this major tour with David Cross we planned to record all the shows with a view to potentially releasing them digitally. However, once I began reviewing the multi-track files, I was shocked to discover that in many cases both mine and Tony’s parts were missing, leaving us with far less useable material. Nonetheless, this setback inspired a creative approach that led us to produce this special boxed set. Across five themed discs we present the band’s progression throughout the tour using material and preferences that resonated with us." - Markus Reuter

    PANAMERICA: Improvs (Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil)
    Disc 1 presents a series of live “deep cuts” from the tour. With the quartet configuration the band‘s improvs transcended to a new plane, and this compilation highlights the spirit of those performances.

    PANAMERICA: Suites (Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile)
    Disc 2 contains a series of suites compiled from selected improv edits. Each track was sourced from 3 separate pieces. There were no multitrack recordings available, therefore stereo board mixes were used.

    PANAMERICA: Full Show, Parts 1 & 2 (Costa Rica)
    Discs 3 and 4 contain the band‘s complete/unedited San José performance.

    PANAMERICA: Soundscapes (Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala)
    Disc 5 has been compiled using the isolated improvised parts of Markus and David from the Mar del Plata, Monterrey, Rosario and Guatemala City concerts, edited into a 70-minute continuous sonic journey.

    Mixed by Benni Schäfer (Unsung Productions), Alexandr Vatagin, Robert Frazza, and Markus Reuter
    Mastered by Lee Fletcher

    Artwork by Hajo Müller
    Design by Bernhard Wöstheinrich (studioflokati)

    Produced by Markus Reuter for Stick Men

    Full Track Listing:

    Disc 1: PANAMERICA: Improvs (Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil)
    1 Swimming In T (La Paz) 11:22
    2 OPEN (Buenos Aires) 14:08
    3 Shades Of Starless (Sao Paulo) 8:35
    4 Swimming Improv 1 (Sao Paolo) 4:29
    5 OPEN (Sao Paulo) 13:17
    6 Swimming Improv 2 (Sao Paolo) 4:20
    7 La Paz - Opening Improv (La Paz) 17:10

    Disc 2: PANAMERICA: Suites (Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile)
    1 La Plata Suite 16:21
    2 Lima Suite 11:35
    3 Montevideo Suite 16:54
    4 Santiago Suite 12:08

    Disc 3: PANAMERICA: Full Show, Part 1 (Costa Rica)
    1 Opening Improv 5:03
    2 Hide The Trees 7:08
    3 Cusp 6:24
    4 The Talking Drum 4:03
    5 Larks‘ Tongues in Aspic, Part II 7:06
    6 Crack in the Sky 5:45
    7 David‘s Improv 4:50
    8 Schattenhaft 6:45
    9 Sartori in Tangier 6:44
    10 Swimming in T 9:18

    Disc 4: PANAMERICA: Full Show, Part 2 (Costa Rica)
    1 Plutonium 5:48
    2 Red 8:22
    3 Mantra 5:57
    4 Prog Noir 7:27
    5 Shades of Starless 9:58
    6 Level 5 10:20
    7 OPEN 13:01

    1 Floating I 7:04
    2 Talking while Diving I 8:18
    3 Hades I 6:06
    4 Floating II 4:26
    5 Skydive 6:22
    6 Under Water 4:08
    7 Hades II 5:18
    8 Floating III 5:25
    9 Infusion 5:07
    10 Whispering Transition 2:16
    11 Hades III 4:20
    12 Floating IV 4:22
    13 Interstitial Finality 3:00
    14 Diving T Coda 4:48
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